Entrevista Koyashige :D

Good Morning!

NEWSMafia apresenta a entrevista do Shige feita pelo Koyama (news every) dia 2012.02.01 legendado em inglês. You may find it here!!

Tenham em atenção que o post vai ficar fechado para membros daqui a 2 dias. A aplicação para membros está aberta a todos os que tenham LJ e estejam interessados.

Sempre disponível aqui, com legendas da wendy-chan!

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  1. here's another file sharing XD
    it's the radio interview this afternoon~

    Shige talked about why he choose to write novel and the thought on his career
    Also includes the material he uses in Pink and Gray ~

    I'd have to say .....
    Shige's really painfully honest...XDDDD

    1. Thank you sweetie! <3 "shige-sensei" is pretty awesome.

      He's really honest! xD i totally agree!
      I'm grateful that they accepted his book, it would be a shame to just arquive his work in home.
      He received a lot of compliments ;D i guess it was very relaxing to talk to that "radio caster" ^^

      They had time to talk about massu muscles LOL that was pretty funny!
      I really want a movie too! ;D the caster gave a lot of good ideas!
      Did he said that koyama read his book 3 times for the interview?! amazing!
      AH! his favorite book is "The Catcher in the Rye" of JD salinger, sugoi! i was thinking on buying it too! <3 I HAVE TO READ IT NOW! Koyama read it too! awesome!

      I'm seriously happy to realise that i'm learning japanese without any classes xD i just heard this radio show and i understood pretty much everything. It's really something. Thanks for sharing ;)

    2. Yes, Shige said that Koyama read the book for three times and even cried in the end (from Shige's J-web mail)
      but Massu and Tegoshi haven't started yet..XDDD
      NICE Koyama!! koyashige love suge ~~~

      I am pretty proud of him >w< and still slowly moving to chapter 5...
      Shige indeed writes "the real" since the scene and details are so vivid.
      I haven't reached the turning point, yet I think it's a nicely structured work :)
      (repeat what I wrote in Spilledmilk25's lj "being a Shige fan is really a bliss...")
      And it's really my pleasure to do something for anyone who loves Shige ;)

    3. oh~ ;D that makes me so happy! koyashige love is adorable! i wish i had such friendship in my life!
      Yes Tegomass don't enjoy reading books, it's "Tegomassu-like" ne~ ;) i hope they can read at least shige's book.

      ah~ happy to hear that you're enjoying the reading!
      that's really great! ^^
      i'm so happy to be able to talk with you ^^ the fact that you take your time to share the most adorable things and your so personal thoughts here, it's quite something! thank you so much ;D <3

  2. Shige-chan deixa a gente tão orgulhosa!
    É realmente uma pessoa que vale a pena adimirar!

    Keiichi estava tão feliz e nervoso, converteza cheio de orgulho também ♥

    1. Mesmo! A forma como dia após dia ele se torna um homem mais e mais culto é impressionante. A forma como ele fala é sinal que é uma pessoa que lê muito. É muito bonito.

      Ne~ tão lindos os dois! <3 Gostei muito


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