Poster Pink & Gray

Aqui fica o poster que está em certas livrarias com o Shige-chan e a info do seu livro, que já postei aqui:

créditos: Nchan + yukiti_111

kakkoi~ :D Seria de génio uma cópia em inglês, tenho dito!

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  1. kakoii>//////<

    btw, I just took the N3 Japanese Exam....
    with my blank brain after seeing Aiba chan..
    and now, my brain is struk by Shige again XDDD

  2. ne~
    how did it go? :)
    Glad you're back at fangirling shige ;D

  3. haha Shige's always my love yo~ but arashi is too special XDDDDD
    What shocked me most was the listening part of the N3 exam...As a Japanese drama lover and a Johnny's fan........I felt difficult in the listening part > <

    btw, Shige talked about the change of the name (one hour ago in SORASHIGE BOOK) XD

  4. I agree ;) i'm always waiting for arashi news as well. They always make me laugh.
    ah~ i understand. I do think my strongest point is on the listening part myself, so that would be shoking! But it's going to be alright, you'll see!

    so, you were waiting for ssb ^^ i always wait for the cute fangirl that share the audio HQ on news_jpop lj.
    I'm looking forward to see if the rumor about k-chan news was right. it would be nice!! it's time to have some good news about NEWS!

  5. Yap..waiting for SORASHIGE BOOK's repo is my biggest entertainment during Sunday night..even few weeks ago when was struggling with my master these I still kept F5 the youtube page for the latest upload. (not HQ though,but the most direct one)
    U hope the official announcement can be heard in K chan's news this Tuesday...
    Koyama talked about his voice training in this Friday's Member Ai column ..hope the big news is about new single...:)

  6. hey NEWS for update yo ~
    K CHAN NEWS would be live next time, Tergoshi and Massu would join the talk (Shige maybe..not pretty sure)
    wait for the full recording then ^^

  7. Esse poster ficou divino (eu quero, eu quero *-*)
    esse livro deve ter ficado demais...
    espero que alguem traduza pelo menos para ingles ne?

  8. Geralmente isso não acontece xD só se vê grandes autores japoneses nas livrarias, nunca encontro nada que sejam independentes, muito menos johnny's. Mas espero que sim.


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