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Sem legendas, qualidade HD suprema:

MU: Sakura Girl / MF : 01 . 02

MU: Making 01 / MF

MU: Making 02 / MF : 01 . 02

MU: SUMMER TIME / MF : 01 . 02

MU: Making 03 / MF : 01 . 02

MU: Aki no Sora / MF : 01 . 02

MU: Making 04 / MF

MU: SNOW EXPRESS / MF : 01 . 02

MU: Making 05 / MF

Já morreram todas?!
Eu estou para morrer *tem de se esperar muito para ver os download's*
Se entretanto houverem partilhas em Mediafire que dá para sacar muitos ao mesmo tempo, postarei aqui... e aviso! (já está)

Com legendas:

(ENG) "NEWS - Unplugged LIVE" (DVD de 15 Set, 2010)
Duração: 31 mins 50 secs Tamanho: 262 MB
Qualidade: HQ *mas não suprema*
O vídeo contem os 'making of' legendados também
* Hardsubbed inglês *
Mediafire: 001 / 002 (Usem HJSPLIT para juntar - Use HJSPLIT to join)

[NOTE: - add: ".avi" to the name of your files, like "nameofthefile.avi.001" and only after that, join both files with HJsplit.
NOTA - adiciona: ".avi" ao nome do ficheiro, tipo "nomedoficheiro.avi.001" e só depois de modificarem o nome de ambos os ficheiros, juntem-nos com o HJsplit.]
password: challengeaccepted
links: (c: coffee break)

DF: 001 / 002 (Usem HJSPLIT para juntar - Use HJSPLIT to join)
links: (c: coffee break)

» Créditos a [info]neko_shares e [info]newshfan

(PT) "NEWS - Unplugged LIVE" (DVD de 15 Set, 2010)
Duração: 31 mins 52 secs Tamanho: 699 MB
Qualidade: HQ
* Hardsubbed português (pt/br) *
Megaupload: AQUI

» Créditos a Sora~D Fansub

Fotos HD

» Créditos a [info]inala

27 comentários:

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! ♥ The quality of both video and sound is just awesome! *_*
    Sadly, links for the English softsub have expired, could you reupload them if you have the chance?
    Thanks in advance, hope you had a lovely Christmas! :)

    1. You're welcome! I know :D it's awesome HD!
      Oh, sure thing! The subs are not originaly mine, but i obviously saved a personal copy of this aha ♥

      I'll upload this today,and try to post it right away(or maybe tomorrow). Just wait a little bit. This is a remarkable piece for News fans, i'll re~upload it asap for you ♥

      Likewise :) Merry Christmas!

    2. PS - My copy of the subs are only in hardsubs format. I don't have just the subs. Sorry ;) But it's fine, 'cause you can use the hardsub just to understand everything and the HD videos to watch the performances at it's best.

    3. Thank you so much for answering right away! ♥
      I know the subs are from Newshfan, but sadly when she closed her LJ lots of precious videos&subs went lost and I was dumb enough not to save all of them when I could. -.-

      MF blocked the links to the hardsubs already and it's totally my fault for being slow... I'm so sorry, you've been so nice to reupload them for me and I missed the chance! >.<

      Hehe, I've already enjoyed watching all the clips, but as you guessed I couldn't catch everything they said during the makings and it's kind of sad when they're so cute laughing and smiling at each other and you have no idea why. I need to improve my Japanese skills ._.

    4. Thank you so much for answering right away!♥ I know Newshfan made them, but when she closed her LJ lots of precious videos&subs like this one went lost and I was dumb enough not to save them when I still could. D:

      You've been so nice to reupload the hardsubs for me, but evil MF has blocked them before I could save them and it's totally my fault for not showing up earlier... >.< I feel terrible, I'm so sorry to make you lose time.

      Hehe, I've already enjoyed watching all the clips, I couldn't resist! :3 As you guessed, I couldn't catch everything they said during the makings and it's kind of sad when they're so cute laughing together and smiling at each other and you have no idea why. xD I need to improve my Japanese, it's still poor. -.-

    5. (I didn't realize comments are screened and posted the same one twice, oops >.<)

    6. :) you're welcome!
      Yes, newshfan was our paradise and i missed it like hell back then. Glad i saved a few videos <3

      The files are up! Maybe i misunderstood you, but MF is working now. I just blocked the files with passwords (in purple next to the links). You still have the chance to get them ;)

      Yes :) i guess we all wished we knew more japanese. that would be the dream to all the fans.

      Btw, Felice 2013!**

    7. aha no biggie ;) don't worry, it's cute.

      PS - The MF links are working! don't forget ;)

    8. I still do, though I kept few videos as well. I loved her. ♥

      You didn't misunderstand, it's just that whenever I click on the links, it says "File Blocked for Violation". Usually when that happens the files are still online, but they're blocked so nobody except the uploader can download them. But maybe it's just me? Sorry for bothering you so much. :(

      Grazie! Feliz ano novo! (*゚▽゚)ノ<明けましておめでとう☆*゚*☆. ゚・:*:・。

    9. oh dear that's no good, 'cause i put the videos for all of you, not for me :) the video with subtitles are here:
      pw: PerfectNews10Unplugged

      It's not working? that's odd :( i just upload it. I didn't made it private or anything.

      The other links are only up in MF too.
      Hope this helps better. Please let me know until you can.

    10. You're so sweet. :3 Nope, this is how the page appears to me:

      I doesn't depend on you, it's mediafire that sometimes blocks files with "suspicious" names. I know that because I helped a community reupload few drama and I had to change the files' names. I even put them in .rar folders with password for good measure. XD

      I don't know how to thank you for your kindness. ç_ç Is there anything I can do in exchange? ANYTHING!

    11. this is terrible! in my side it's perfect. damn!
      LOL let me find an idiot name to put the files, and re-upload it again tomorrow. I'll do it! XD it's a challenge completly accepted.

      oh nothing dear ;) glad to help!
      btw ohmiya is my fave arashi pairing too <3 (read your MF name account)

    12. If it works for you, you must have thought I was crazy... XD I'm very thankful you're willing to reupload it again, anyone else would have just given up, really, thank you. ** Do it when you're free, there's no hurry. :*

      It's good to know! <3 I chose it when I made myself a fandom account on facebook and it required a surname too. Seriously, if there's anything I can do, just let me know. ^^

    13. oh it's nothing ;) it's not like i have to stop using the computer while uploading. Sharing it's what keeps fandom's alive :) and i sure download a lot of videos thanks to other fans.

      MF it's too quick uploading, almost like he didn't. Maybe they already know my account has non-autorized links or something. i feel very stupid saying this XD~ the new files were up in like 2 minutes. they are totally mocking me!

      But please test them ;)
      pw: challengeaccepted
      add ".avi" in the files if it works.

      Anyway because i have little faith in MF xD try DF:

      Please tell me that at least DF works ;)
      Now i really want to upload this to you, it became very personal xD

    14. I think so too! I owe a lot to other fans, I would have never found out about these awesome bands if it weren't for them. Which is why I try to help by sharing what I buy as well. ♥

      I'm glad to hear it didn't take a long time, because... THEY WORK! *_* Both the MF links and DF links WORK! It's amazing, I've just finished saving it and am going to watch it right away. I can't fall asleep anyway, guess it's a sign. XD

      THANK YOU. Did I mention I love you? Because I do, I love you and Newshfan for making it possible. ♥

    15. I'm so glad I asked you, I was probably I pain, but it's so worth it!♥ Those makings are golden just as much as the performances and I got to chat with a kind News's fan, so lucky! ;)

      They were all so excited to be together. *w* It was really fun to watch for all the jokes and know a little how they work, they made and still make a very good team. <3 And I've realized just how much singing comes naturally to Tegoshi. His singing is perfect even during rehearsal, even when he's just showing Ryo the notes. He's not my ichiban, it's a totally honest comment. XD

    16. yes ♥ share the love.
      sweet heaven! :D aha suck it MF! glad to be helpful!

      That's the cutest thing to be reading before bed time :)
      the warmest thing i read this winter. Thank you sweetie* anything you need on this website and let me know! muah* u'r the custest ♥

    17. Haha, even NEWS have a song called share after all. Yay, you totally made my day yesterday and I'm glad we won against MF. lol

      De nada, you gave me such a wonderful New Year gift! :3 Also, I didn't expect a warm welcome like this, it's always a nice surprise to meet someone lovely in fandom. Muah! ♥ Did you get the other message I sent you? The crazy one I wrote after watching the dvd with subs? xD

  2. yes :) ♥ aha i blame my poor brain for not knowing japanese. Subtitles are needed. We fans are a species that need this to survive the terror of the real world ;)

    ♥ thank you. I'm really a pacifist, and i love helping sharing this treasures. a blog sure helps a lot ;)
    oh~ it was waiting for approval. Sometimes my blogger don't e-mail me, that little prick. i'm going to answer to you now.

  3. »» No, no :) Now the videos are avaiable to more fans or potencial ones, it was the perfect timing.

    It was a great News project. I always loved their documentaries ♥ Since in Portugal no one knows about japanese bands, this is my secret spot. And it's great to talk with nice people, like u*

    aha x) yes, tegoshi is a singing diva! i used to be fascinated by his singing power but then he dresses like a princess and that's disturbing xD i guess i'm too european for that. And since i'm such a geek, shige's essay's kind of did it all for me ;)

    1. Well, maybe one day you'll begin studying it too! It isn't easy, but I'm so happy when I understand something they say. :D Totally, Jpop is how I regain my strength after a bad day and what turns a nice day into a perfect one! ♥

      Then I'm glad this helped other fans too. Lately with all the MU and MF issues it's kind of hard for us all. ._.

      Me too, documentaries are always so fun and it's nice to see what's going on behind the scenes. ♥ There aren't many fans in Italy as well, but thanks to the internet I was able to get in touch with most of them! :D What I love the most by the way is finding fellow fans from other countries, even if we live far apart we share the same love for our idols. <3

      Lol, at first I was surprised as well seeing Tegoshi dressed up as a woman, but when I got into jpop I realized it's pretty normal... XD what's even weirder is that in those clothes he looks prettier than I'll ever be! *envious* I've only had the chance to read few of Shige's essays, but they're pretty deep, I'd like to read his book as well. So, is Shige your favorite? Mine was Yamapi, I'm going to need a new favorite. :(

    2. Who knows :) ♥

      Yes, i have strong relationship with some adorable fans (news, arashi and kanjani fans) :) one of the most reputable italian fan i know is Gui-chan (spilledmilk25), i really love her. She is amazing ♥

      Shige and I have similar opinions. So it gives me a warm feeling, everytime i read something of his. We have the same taste in music, and i'm also crazy about movies and culture. So there's this connection i feel with him that makes me say with no doubt that he's my ichiban. I would love to read shige's books someday, it would be amazing if they were translated in english :)

      That happens ;) you don't have to have a favorite. I don't have an ichiban in Arashi. I love them all like crazy, i just can't tell who i love the most. It's a crazy thing, i feel like they're just one big person.

      Yamapi is amazing <3 i adore him. He's so cute :) i really miss seeing a good jdrama with him. Like a "real" drama, you know?! ;) i read in some fanreport that pi received some warm hugs from 4news in JC this year. And i'm kind of hoping for that to be real T^T my precious 6 being friendly again. It's all i want.

    3. Oh,you also like Arashi? I got into Jpop because of them, they're still my favorite band, but I've always liked News very much. ♥ There was also a period where I was into Kat-tun, but now not so much. About Kanjani, I only started listening to them recently, they're great and I feel kind of stupid for not realizing it sooner! In facts, your blog will help me catch up a lot. :)
      I know who Spilledmilk is *_*! I've read lots of her translations, though I don't think I had the chance to speak to her. But she seems really nice.

      I get what you mean about Shige, I find it easy to relate to what he writes and it's very mature, sometimes even brave, to write so openly about what he thinks. Me too, I’m looking forward to reading Pink and Grey! ♥
      I know, it’s so hard to choose just one, but we don’t have to, right? ;) I feel the same kind of connection you have with Shige with Arashi’s Nino, but I’m always finding it very hard to have just one ichiban.

      Yup, Yamapi is adorable! <3 I’ve just finished watching Code Blue and even though I’m usually not into medical dramas, this was really good. The plot, the characters and the cast were all perfect, I’m going to miss them… I’ve read your post about the countdown and saw the lovely picture! ♥♥♥ As expected, their friendship is strong no matter what they’re going through. :3 In my mind, News are still 6, but whatever path they choose, I’ll always support all of them. ♥

    4. Yes :) Arashi it's my 2nd favorite je band. Oh yes, KT it's kind of weird 'cause i think something is missing in the songs or in the members personality. Kanjani are hilarious ♥ i really like their spirit.

      Code Blue it's great! I dont like medical dramas that much too, but it was a great prodution. The soundtrack was brillant. Everything was really well put together.
      Yes ♥♥ i'm so so happy. I really want for them to keep being friends.

    5. Our tastes in Jpop seem to match! ♥ Yea, KT's music is more rockish, but I like few songs. What I don't like is that they don't seem to get along with each other, they're not cheerful and they're lacking the spirit we love in Kanjani. :)

      I know! I would have never expected that from a medical drama. Of course, I'll be watching Resident very soon, for Massu and Naka Riisa (she's so funny!). :3

    6. yes yes :) KT have a cold image. i don't really like that. they're really apart.
      Oh yes! i'm waiting for more subbed videos. But i don't think Resident will be better than CB, though.


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